Commercial Condition Surveys | Residential Condition Surveys

Condition Surveys (Commercial & Residential)


- Documented proof supporting claim for damages
- Protects against potentially false or extravagant claims
- Renovation or dilapidation surveys of property

A condition survey provides a detailed documented and photographic representation of the physical condition of a property or building, varying upon the clients need for information and project.

Commercial Condition Surveys
A visual inspection is carried out of the existing condition of the site or premises. Photographs (video if requested) is used to illustrate deficiencies that may be found during the on-site inspection and a document details the existing condition, summarized in a brief report before and after the works.

Residential Condition Surveys
Residential condition surveys are carried out if you're concerned about damage being caused to your home due to building works by a neighbour or building site. This is also useful if no Party Wall Award is put in place but yet you still would like a survey in the unlikely even of damage being caused so that a claim can be supported.