The Role Of A Party Wall Surveyor

The Role of a Party Wall Surveyor


The term "surveyor" is defined in the Act as any person who is not a party to the works. That means that neither the property owner, their architect nor their builder is allowed to act as the surveyor since they have a vested interest in the building works proceeding.

The person chosen to negotiate the party wall agreement (award) should be knowledgeable about construction and be well versed in party wall procedures. Ideally they should be registered with a regulating body within the industry. This will be either the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors or RICS.

The Party Wall Surveyor will prepare a document known as a "party wall award”. This agreement lays down recommended guidelines for the works to progress and covers details such as dates of commencement of the work, building contractor's insurances, reasonable working hours, etc.

The surveyor will also prepare a Schedule of Condition of the adjoining owner's property in order to properly assess damages should there be any damage to your neighbours property during construction works.