What Is A Party Wall Dispute

What Is A Party Wall Dispute?


Where written agreement is not given by the adjoining owner within 14 days of receiving notice of the proposed construction works.

The solution the Party Wall Act provides is for both parties to appoint an ‘agreed surveyor’ who will act impartially, or each owner appoints their own surveyor. The surveyor(s) will draw up a document called an ‘Award’ or "Agreement".

Party Wall Surveyors have a duty to be impartial so any disagreement which arises will usually stem from one of the parties not understanding the Act.

The Agreement details the work to be carried out, when and how it will be done and usually records the condition of the relevant part of adjoining property before work begins. It may also grant access to both properties so that the works can be safely carried out and the surveyor(s) can inspect work in progress.

The Award will determine who pays for the work if this is in dispute. Generally, the building owner who started the work pays for all expenses of work and the reasonable costs, but these will be apportioned between the owners where appropriate.

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